I just want to receive payments, HELP finding paypal alternatives

(First, let me know if this sub is not the most correct one for this post, wasnt sure where to post this)

Ill be short, im planning on doing online art commisions and everyone recommends paypal for receiving payments, Fees are not bad for the US but the problem is that im from Chile (we have different fees here) and ive calculated they take almost 9% of what i would make only on the % fees:

5.4%+ 0.30 USD (per transaction) > 3.5% + 2400 CLP (~3 USD) (per withdrawal)

Read all of this "paypal alternatives" articles but they recommend every business app under the sun and most of them arent even NEAR what works for me (like shop setting apps or providers of way for you to swipe cards) , ALSO some have 10 different shit they do and ive been the past week just looking at videos or the help page of each one and getting disappointed because its not what im looking for at all. So i figured it would be a good way to ask, the things im looking for are the following:

-Im gonna do online art commissions so no shipping is necessary, also im gonna contact/advertise my clients through twitter so no need for an online store for now, no card swipers, no shipping, none of that. Most of my clients are from the US and use USD ofc.

-They can pay you without them needing an account on said service (think on how paypal invoices can be paid as a guest with cards by clients without a paypal account) they probably wont even have an account since paypal is very ubiquitous

-For the fee aspect or if its available in my country (Chile), i can look it up for myself so dont worry.

-If you guys have an idea that require multiple services im open to hearing (ex: getting an us bank account, using zelle, then transferring through bitcoin to chile). Im also very interested if you guys either know a service that lets you have an US bank or just an US bank that lets you have an account for international clients since zelle seems like a p good option.

I know probably there arent much options besides paypal but i dont wanna accept paypal supremacy yet. Hope yall can help me and thanks in advance.

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