Big Problems with Stripe!

Let me preface this by explaining that I am a university student with limited capital.

I launched my newest site around a week ago after learning and improving over my previous sites. To my surprise, sales started to come through, a bit faster than I was expecting!

After catching up and shipping out all of these orders out of my bedroom. I received an email from Stripe explaining that I have breached the 'business practises' section of the terms and conditions. I contact support and asked them to detail to me exactly where I had breached this section. I was met with the response that my product and site were 'too risky' for Stripe to work with. The item is an article of clothing and I am shipping them myself.

As a result of this, Stripe is refunding my customers £362 altogether. The email also explains that I am not allowed to fight this decision. This sucks!

Not really asking for advice as I don't think there is anything that I can do.

Can anyone else share my pain/distaste for Stripe?

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