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I would like to get some input from the experienced minds on the sub-reddit. In 2005, this preschool programming brand debuted in a direct-to-home video (pre SVOD era) model. We sell video, music, toy, book, curriculum. Webstore link – The programming has a light Christian content element and is targeted to the same niche. In an earlier day, we distributed in Christian retail until the demise of that channel. In time we were able to offer digital content from our webstore using FlickRocket. We do not advertise or market the brand but have very recently signed several SVOD licenses which should generate visibility for the brand. My reason for posting is to solicit advice and input from you as I do not feel we have nearly reached our commercial potential. What changes would you make to the webstore/website? What marketing strategy would you deploy? Would you consider Amazon or Walmart marketplace?

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