My #1 tip for running successful Facebook ads

Working in the PPC space, I’ve noticed that the best Facebook marketers are those that keep things as simple as possible, and the worst Facebook marketers have ridiculously complicated setups.

That’s not to say that Facebook ads don’t get complicated, I can understand why it can be daunting for newcomers. Our campaigns vary slightly with every client account we manage but will still maintain one core principle: Facebook advertising is merely just a series of inputs and outputs, you don’t decide what works, Facebook does.

I believe that this idea is what separates great Facebook marketerers from the rest. People are always looking for the ‘New Method’ to scale their business and make them rich but they don’t even understand the essence of what they’re doing.

Finding a winning audience or creative is really just a result of you feeding Facebook a series of inputs and Facebook deciding which ones it likes best. Sometimes Facebook won’t give a clear answer, some metrics will look great and others not so much. Analyse these outputs, understand why Facebook is presenting you with this data and adjust accordingly.

Don’t get attached to audiences or creatives that you believe should be performing well. I see this all the time, people holding on to creatives and audiences that they believe are great despite continuously running at a loss. Remove yourself from the process as much as possible, your job is to input data, analyse the outputs and adjust accordingly (I understand this can be really difficult for marketers and brand owners alike. We all think we know best, I’m always being humbled by Facebook).

It’s important to note that you should still be testing audiences that make sense (at least to begin with, we gradually test more and more obscure or less obvious audiences) and running high quality professional creatives. Feed Facebook high quality inputs and you will get high quality outputs.

For those of you reading, internalising this idea will really take your Facebook ads to the next level. Only by first understanding the essence of Facebook advertising can you begin wrapping your head around methods, tips, and tricks.

Thanks for reading!

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