Recognizing webshops registered in the EU IOSS (European Union Import One Stop Shop)

European consumer here.
I was wondering about the new IOSS solution the EU put in effect back in July 2021 for webshops outside the EU. I have been reading a lot about it, and it has made me very excited, as it would potentially make it cheaper to shop outside the EU, as the handling tax would be circumvented when receiving a package as an EU customer.

My question is if there's any way to easily recognize that a webshop is IOSS registered? I was kinda hoping that the EU would make some kind of database with registered webshops. Or even just a simple "sticker"/badge that a webshop could display to the customers so they're sure they're shopping on a webshop, where you won't get surprised by an extra tax bill in the mail.

My guess is that most webshops based in US aren't gonna be interested in signing up for IOSS, and I honestly don't blame them. It seems like a hassle to do international shipping to, and handle tax for, a continent you don't even live in. But I'm guessing that it would be quite beneficial for the few IOSS registered webshops to make their customers aware. I personally often choose not to shop at a US online store, even if it might be cheaper than a EU alternative, because it's not clear whether or not I will have to pay extra when I finally receive the item. So is there any way I can make sure if the webshop is IOSS registered without just directly contacting the webshop and asking them?

TL;DR: How to recognize NON-EU webshops using IOSS?

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