Selling calendars on cargo website (cargo Ecommerce)

Hi there,

A friend of mine started this initiative where a group of designers create a yearly calendar together where each designer is assigned a month of the year. Each year the proceedings go to a good cause. The calendars are sold on my friends personal cargo website. Last year she used cargo's ecommerce function but this has one major drawback; cargo's ecommerce option only accepts credit cards and PayPal. We were hoping to find an alternative way to offer these calendars that provides a wider variety of payment options.

  1. For any of you out there that have experience with cargo: Is it possible to add other payment services via plug-ins (other than stripe) i.e. mollie,… that offer more payment options to the existing cargo interface? This way we can continue using cargo's services and sell them on there.
  2. Is there a platform/marketplace out there like Gumroad that allows people to sell physical items? Ideally a platform that is know for selling 'graphic stuff' as to maximise our potential customer reach.

I look forward to hearing from guys,

Thanks in advance ✌🏽

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