Just Want to Vent

Not sure if this is allowed but I just want to vent about something that happened to me recently.

tldr: I lost access to my Amazon Seller Central account and have loads of inventory there while Amazon is still charging me PPC and other fees.

I sold my Amazon FBA business to someone else and was in the middle of transferring all the information to theirs. However, I realized that I never used the retail side of Amazon like the websites to buy stuff so I figured that I didn't need this part and only the seller central account.

I contacted Amazon Customer Support and asked them if I could close that side and keep the seller central account active. I asked the support agent twice to confirm if it was okay to do so and the agent confirmed and told me to go ahead and proceed. She sent me the link to go close my account and I did that. However, it seemed to have closed everything and I wasn't able to login to my seller central account anymore. I immediately called support and asked for it to be undone but they were no help stating that they couldn't find the account anymore.

After numerous agents, I finally talked to an agent who instructed me to create an account with the same email of which I closed in order to contact seller support and create cases for the issue so that's what I did. Turns out that was also wrong information as you're never supposed to create an account with the same email, this may overwrite the info Amazon has for an email.

This has been going on for over a month now with over 20 cases created and agents always transferring me to different departments (seller support, advertising, customer support etc.) not resolving the case (yes I also asked to be escalated numerous times). Finally the last few days, someone from leadership/a supervisor instructed me that customer support was the only department that could help me with this and if they couldn't reinstate it and give me access, there was no way.

I contacted customer support a few days ago being firm on the issue and have now been told that the account specialist team will supposedly contact me in 24-48 hours if they're able to do something but it's already been 96 hours since that phone call with no contact from them. The common response I got from support was that in order to reinstate the account I have to contact them on the account on which I want to reinstate which is so stupid.

So basically, I have thousands of dollars of inventory still on Seller Central with PPC running and charging my credit card every day. My Amazon listings are still on and but I just can't access them as the login was "closed."

I hope no one here can relate to this and I don't really expect much help as I'm almost at my breaking point, close to giving up. If anybody does have any ideas, please share as anything will help.

Lessons Learned:

  • Don't ever close your account, your data is already everywhere on the internet so you might as well leave it
  • Don't contact support agents inquiring about something from another department as they are clueless and have no idea (i.e. asking customer support about seller support information)
  • Be careful selling on Amazon, although it's a great opportunity to make money I think it's kind of slimy of them to keep my inventory and still charging my credit card despite notifying them that my account can't be access to stop this. The best advice they told me was to go close my credit card.

Anyways, sorry for the long read and I hope you all success in your journeys. I'll probably gives this a few more weeks before throwing in the towel and pursuing my next venture as I plan to make all the money I lost back :/

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