Question about hiring freelancer

I have an empty Shopify store with Google Analytics and FB Pixel set up. Of course, I can upload my copy/text and product photo’s and use the standard themes, but I want to hire a freelance web designer to make it really nice and visually appealing outside of the standard Shopify themes. Examples of ecommerce websites I like are: and

But I’m not sure who to hire: a Shopify developer, a web designer, or a Shopify developer that knows web design?

And how “custom” are the sites I mentioned? — If I give a freelancer my store, my copy and productphoto’s and the general structure, how much work would it be to get a store like I mentioned above?

Also, how to make sure I can make small changes after the freelancer is done? I shouldn’t have to dive into the HTML or hire another freelancer to make small changes to productphoto’s or text on the website for example.

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