Best solution to retrieve Amazon, eBay, and website sales in one report?

I have a standalone website that sells a single product. It is sold on our website, on eBay, and on Amazon (FBA). Our website sales have recently been migrated to WooCommerce. I keep track of all the sales in a spreadsheet that lists the Date, City, State, ZIP, Qty, Total, Shipping of each sale, which allows me to create other charts, PivotTables, and other analysis to see number of sales per month, state, country, etc.

This requires logging into each seller account and creating / running a custom report, and then copying / pasting the data and further manipulating the data to make sure the columns match on the spreadsheet.

Is there an easier way to import all the existing sales into one platform and then be able to export detailed custom reports that will have the above fields available?

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