How to increase your Facebook ads results/ROAS and overall revenue for your eCommerce brand/business without actually making any changes to your ads in your/your client’s ads manager

A while back we had a client that couldn't get past 1.6x ROAS, Our ads had high CTR, cost per click was good, we were getting good metrics across the board and purchases too, but we just couldn't seem to bring the ROAS up, we tried testing new creatives, new ad copy, video v image, placements – anything you can think of we did, and in some instances the actual results went down not up.​

We knew the product was good and there was a demand and a good interest from the high CTR, and low cost per click but they were just stopping at initiate checkout.​

We then started to think outside the box (Ads manager)​

The brand website was made with a high paying Shopify theme and had been coded to stand out, they already had a pretty good conversion rate but we thought, what if we can implement something more to help bump it up, even more, this would raise our ROAS as the more traffic we would be sending, the more would be converting.​

After some analysis, we discovered some key elements we thought were missing from their store that may be preventing potential customers from buying.​

Reviews – They had no reviews on any of their products or on their store in general, this can be a major factor in any buying decision as people trust other people, not having them was holding potential customers who wanted their products back from buying as they had no other back up to base their decision off of – If people are unsure they will not buy.​

Tracking page – Another simple thing, but can mean a lot in a buyers decision, unconsciously if a customer sees a tracking page, they will have peace of mind knowing that they can check where their product is and know when it will arrive, this will eliminate chargebacks also as you have been fully transparent and they know where their product is.​

FAQ Page/Section – This is HUGE as a lot of people have one or two questions before they buy, answering these for them can be a massive deal for them and can essentially be the factor in helping them make the purchase – Do a survey on any existing customers, or even just gather the information customers have emailed you and add the most common questions they had in relation to your business/brand.​

Upsell or Volume discount App – Most of our buyers were just purchasing 1 item, leaving the AOV quite low, we experimented with a couple of apps and implemented one that best suited the brand, we almost doubled their average order value because of this, making the very most out of each customer we acquired – while also providing valuable discounts to the customer.​

After we had implemented these changes we watched while our client's conversion rate started to rise and with that so did their ROAS, at the start to 2.5x and then 3x now sitting at 3.55xROAS and climbing.

The moral of the story is, Cover all bases and think outside the box, the ads are only a small piece of the puzzle, there are a lot of things that need to align to help get a good profitable ROAS and scale your brand/online store.​

Let me know if anyone wants the link for the resource with the apps we actually used to do this and I'll drop in the comments below

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