My hosting plan will end soon yet i never really tested it, can you help me make a decision.

Hello, I am launching a prestashop webshop, it will not be a dropshipping website but a normal direct to client retail.

Currently i use it on my hostinger business plan, it will end in 2months, and it seems it is a shared server. If i renew i will not have the low price offer of around 80%, so i have to pay almost 30$ per month…. At this price i should look for something better, right ?

When i bought the plan 4years ago i never really tested it because i failed at creating a useful client base, and now i am told a shared server will never cut it and is too slow. I talked only with tech people, NOT ECOMMERCE GUYS LIKE YOU. So what do you recommend me ?

Do you think i should renew or go elsewhere, vps or something else. Should i keep using shared servers ?

Thank you.

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