Question about tech stack options for large file digital products


I'm currently in the process of setting up a company that has the aim of delivering large file digital products, we're close to finished with our product development process internally and it's time to start looking for ecommerce solutions.. something that I honestly know nothing about. So I'm a little lost at where to start.

The products that we'd be delivering would range from anywhere between 1GB to 100GB+ in size.

I'd also like to explore the option of some form of backend file processing, for example zipping up a collection of files depending on what the customer has purchased. It'd also be great if that was customisable via code. For example, a python script ran in the backend that did file processing and then resulted in a zip that was then downloaded.

I'm starting to think that this may not be something that exists off the shelf, and would require some development our side? If so, has anyone done this before that could recommend a good platform to build on top of for this type of delivery?

The file processing is generally a wish list item, not a must have. So any advice on general solutions for large files would be greatly appreciated.

I may be asking a lot here, so thank for you any advice/time!

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