Should I consider doing DTC product or sell courses?

Hi all, please help me choose what path to do. I've been torn apart what to do, and need some urgent help moving forward. TLDR; Should I do start a DTC ecommerce brand from scratch or sell a course to an existing audience?

I've done a lot of research lately and it's always been a dream of mine to sell something physical with beautiful packaging and creative marketing, as well as launching product lines. The product I'm thinking to create would definitely related to skincare and something I would use daily. However, there's a lot of logistics with this, as well as potentially inventory management—packaging your own product seems to be key. In addition, I would have to almost learn this entire industry (cosmetics) from scratch, on top of ecommerce.

I also heard profit margin is pretty thin for most founders, who seem to always pivot to course creation (probably because of profit margins), which leads to my other thing…

Currently, I have cultivated a niche in tech (related to my day job) that I'm pretty sure will do well for selling courses if I market and nail my content strategy right. If I get really good at copywriting, I'm confident I can make at least a humble living by delivering value through writing articles, convert those into videos, and basically growing a mailing list. The problem is, this niche is small (though growing) and I can't see myself doing this for more than 5 years. But the big plus side is… courses are almost pure profit.

What path should I choose? I know realistically the latter (course) is the best route to making my first "break," though the former is something I can't help but dream about.

I am much more interested about learning about DTC brands/ecommerce than selling courses.

But it's silly to defocus from something that is growing, and I could be in love with the idea of selling my own product. I know for anything to be really successful, I need to put in my 100%. Maybe I'm getting distracted.

Please give me your frank, raw, tough advice. I'm all ears.

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