FB Ads aren’t working – is there another option for fashion ecom?

I've been running FB ads for a month now, doing everything I can to at least break even, but it's just burning money at this point. I've seen a lot of people say FB ads have been under-performing since October, but I'm not sure if that's true or not.

I've run a few different campaigns, spent over $1000 this month, and I've made 7 total conversions. My most successful ad is: 3 conversions, $1.29 CPC, 0.71% CTR – $25/conversion (I have $11 margins on average).

Everyone says FB ads are the best for fashion. Google only works when people are trying to solve a problem, TikTok works for brand awareness, but FB hits on impulse buying like clothing and accessories – it just hasn't been hitting for me.

What other options do I have? Thinking of doing some micro-influencer sponsorships, but are there any ad platforms that are currently working well in this field?

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