90 Unique Visitors but no sales or add to carts


I just launched a Shopify store for my jewelry business. I sell Gold Plated and Solid Gold jewelry. Today was my first day going live and I have managed to get 90+ unique visitors from Instagram and no ads at all.

However, I noticed no one added anything to cart or purchased anything. Also, my average time in site was about 20 seconds.

Is this normal for day one of a launch or could there be something holding people back.

My products range in price from about $29.99-$9,000 usd, I presume this would make a difference.

Im not sure if im allowed to post a link but if anyone is interested I will.

Also, some notes since I am not posting a link. My product photos are professionally taken, the site has been said to be very easy to navigate, apple pay is enabled on mobile devices, my descriptions were professionally written, and it is a responsive site.

Thank you,

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