Automatically Send Twitter DMs for Promo Requests on Viral Tweets

Anyone on Twitter remember the sunset lamps promos popping up under many viral tweets last year?

To my surprise, the guys who did this we’re able to pull $8,000/mo with this strategy. They would pay anywhere from $20-60 for a promotion depending on the likes/retweets and get 3-4 orders out of it on average (link in comments).

Obviously those #s can vary greatly based on the product and the audience interacting with the tweet. It could presumably convert better if you picked tweets with content that fits your user base.

Other potential benefits I guess could include influencers seeing your content and reaching out to you directly for promo opportunities, a general increase in social engagement, and the potential to go viral yourself.

I’m just genuinely curious if anyone would consider testing/using a service that automated that strategy for you?

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