Strategy for PPC – $28000 ꜱᴀʟᴇꜱ ɪɴ ᴏɴᴇ ᴍᴏɴᴛʜ

After a long wait, we bring you a Case Study in which we saved one of our clients' accounts from drowning in a dangerous sea. I'm sharing this just knowledge purposes.

Background: Before presenting him with the PLAN OF ACTION. We instructed him to audit the account using Business report, scraping previous six months' data. It is advisable to check 6 months data because this will provide you a more precise idea and aid in decision making so that you can fulfil the client's dream.

The Auditing results: Client niche is ( Sports & racing cars shirts , hats, caps etc). The main volume, especially the racing volume, is quite low. Each one is having 5 variations in sizes and color. The client list price is also higher than that of the competitor. That is a significant disadvantage. The images were poor, and even though we couldn't edit them or redesign them because he was doing FBM (Me too) on brands. PPC campaigns were a complete disaster. He had already tried a number of VAs, but none of them had produced the desired results. The majority of campaigns were set to auto with a low budget and an eating budget. He was receiving 15-20 orders per day.

Our Procedure:

STOP BLEEDING CAMPAIGNS: Always check those who are eating your budget first.

PRODUCT TARGETING: This is a powerful but underappreciated weapon. To compete with high-priced competitors, you must first reduce your price. We look for competitor ASINs with low prices.

Identify CONVERTIBLE Keywords: We select these keywords and test them in various placements (High ,low)

LOW bid placement: We significantly expanded our keywords by using broad and phrase campaigns to keep costs under control.

Bulk File: I read the bulk file thoroughly to determine where I need to do product targeting, keyword targeting, and where I'm getting fewer clicks versus where I'm getting more clicks.

  • $45369 to $73158 Total sales $28k in just single month.
  • ACOS shrink from 47% to 20%
  • PPC order shoot from 168 to 275.
  • Monthly Advertising spend goes down from $4525 to $3131
  • Organic Ranking drastically improve with increase amount of Total organic sales.


📷Always perform a thorough audit of the following ASINs. Find their weak points and work on them.📷Maintain a bird's-eye view of your competitor at all times. What keywords do they use? How they are attracting visitors.

There is no suitable strategy for PPC or any other advertising campaign (FB, IG). It all comes down to testing and experimenting. Each product has benefits and drawbacks!

Check weekly reports to see what customers are looking for.


📷The key to success is to allow enough time for your campaigns to be properly tracked over time. When performing BID analysis on CPC, always have an overview. This will provide you a larger picture to scale properly. our next goal is to get this account to $100,000 or more by the end of this month(November).

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