Trying to help my mom. Best label maker for Ebay/Amazon selling for like 30 sales a month?

So Christmas is coming up and I have a history of getting my mother terrible gifts. This year I really want to do something special as she has been having a hard time with other things. Currently she ships probably an average of 30 items a month and from when she has asked me to come over to her house and help I've learned how she is doing it is a huge PITA. Every item she prints the label out and then cuts it then tapes in on the package. I used to do the IT for a couple warehouses and we used those fancy 1k Zebra printers for this and that was so much easier. Now I see there is some cheaper consumer versions but I really have no idea what's what.

Basically what I am asking is what should I get? Here are some things I would like to consider.

1) Needs to be easy enough for a 50ish year old to use. She is not bad with computers, just not technical. I have already talked to my dad about this (he is been in IT his whole life so he can help with setup, but as most people in IT know, we dont want to be troubleshooting when we get off work)

2) Good integration with Amazon/Ebay/Paypal. I think right now she prints most of her labels though PayPal.

3) Cost $200-400 each? Not sure if this is reasonable, but its what I was thinking.

Let me know if there is some information I am leaving out or if I am in the wrong place to post this. Any help is appreciated.

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