focusing on capturing attention on organic platforms first, and then selling?

i'm trying something new right now. at the moment, i have 6 social media channels for my brand. facebook, intsagram, reddit, tik tok, youtube, pinterest

i post on all of them. what i've been doing is experimenting with content. i started making short 7-10 second clips that provide helpful "tips" regarding my niche. then in the post i write a CTA to get people to my site to buy, i'm selling low ticket products

none of my videos have gotten much attention so far, but i think this could be a viable business model. once i make a short clip, i post it on ALL my channels. all my social media gets updated daily as a result. it keeps my brand looking up to date and fresh with new content. the goal is to have one video do REALLY well, i'll get a burst of views and followers. then those followers are likely to go through my profile and binge the rest of my short clips. and remember in each post i have a call to action telling people to go to my site. i'm not sure how much traffic i could get from posting tips videos, but i'll see. what i can also do is take the most popular videos and run paid ads to them, since i know they are proven to work

in essence, the strategy is to post every day, wait for a post to take off, then run ads to it. a potential problem is if my accounts end up shadow banned, which is common on tik tok. an easy fix is to just make a new account and go back to posting. i'm mainly using these social media platforms as a testing ground to find popular and share-able videos, which i can then take to paid ads to make the real consistent money


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