New store: sold €4k last month – What’s next?

Hey everyone,


Every once in a while I ask for your advice through my e-commerce journey. Quick background: I opened my branded store in September, but I just started to work on it daily since November (have a full-time job in parallel).


Last month, I sold €4k with just two products targeting my home country. I'm happy with how cost-effective I've been, except for advertising. I've spent €2.6k in FB ads + €250 in Google ads to get those €4k. Although ads have generated more revenue, I'm not generating profit despite having profit margins of 40% and 50% respectively (€33 AOV).


My family is pressuring me into investing very little on ads, but I know that there's no other way to this when starting an e-commerce. Despite turning ads off, I am still receiving 1-2 orders per day since Black Friday because customers are recommending through word of mouth.


What do you think I should do next? I'm currently creating my Christmas ads with everything that I have learned from Black Friday in the mean time #stubborn.

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