To have a sale, or to not have a sale?

So I've heard “having sales all the time devalues a brand, makes it look cheap” etc.

Which I would agree too – why have a sale just because it’s a random Tuesday in April.

I ran a Pre-Black Friday Sale (15% Off) for 7 days for a total profit of $1.7k and 20% margin.

BFCM was $3.6k profit and 16% margin (20% off).

And the past month I was not profitable at all (there were no discounts). Today I ran my first 0 % off campaign and occurred a loss of -$622.46.

I know it’s only day one but I might cut this campaign short (from 7 days) and restart it with a X-Mas discount. Should I have another sale?

It worries me because it makes me wonder, okay so will I only ever be profitable with "RANDOM SALE, X% OFF TODAY!"

I was profitable pre-ios update by never offering discounts, however, post ios, it's been pretty rough.

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