Recommended eCommerce Platform for B2B and B2C

Hi all!
I am looking for advice regarding a platform that has some B2B and B2C features, and what I am looking for is a platform that can handle:

– Different prices per customer and per group, not just discounts but specific prices.

– Ability to customize and send emails to several different emails per template, for example one for the packaging staff (with just the product list and no prices), one for the distributor (with the prices they paid), one for the client (with final prices) and one for the administrator (with cost price).

– Has an easy way to add products to cart, like a list of products with the NAME, PRICE and QUANT button and ADD TO CART button so it looks like an excel list but with the add to cart button at the end of each product to quickly and easily add products.

So far, with my extensive research the only platforms that could do ALL 3 was OroCommerce but the licence costs 45,000 USD per year so its out of question for a small business.
The other option was Prestashop that could do some of the things I need, but has no ability to send the custom emails per custom groups nor a template that has the easy add to cart layout.

Thanks for all the help!

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