Seek advice to successfully sell custom necklaces & personalized gifts in USA, Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand online

Recently I come up with the idea that triggers holidays but which is also an evergreen niche: customized necklace, name necklace to be exact. it also has big searches on google, 265k more.

I started the website, and before that, I did the match. if the Average clicks can be 0.5USD per click, and 2% conversions, I start making money. I uploaded almost 10k products into Shopify to try to show almost every ENGLISH NAME design, which has been a long job load.

I can have any budget I want as soon as I can prove the ROI will be good. I am backed by a big company.

But now the web is running, the AVERAGE CPC is becoming 2USD. Conversion is around 1%, so now hardly profitable, I need some help:

  1. how I can bring up the conversion rate?
  2. how I can lower the average CPC?
  3. How I can make my Value proposition special compared to other competitors such as namenecklace and Myka? my website is called ownnecklace
  4. which other network I can leverage, can this category fit facebook, tiktok?

This project is my last resort otherwise I lose my job at one company since I failed the other project, your support will be highly appreciated.

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