Business podcasts are just promotion in disguise

I like to listen to business and entrepreneur podcasts while I go for a walk or bike ride.

But more and more it seems that it’s just promotion disguised as an informative podcast.

For example on Shopify Masters there was an episode with the founder of Bushbalm. And the topics were marketing and finance split into 2 separate episodes. Exactly what I’m focusing on right now for my ecommerce startup so I was excited to listen.

But there is hardly any value or useful information that is talked about. The founder could talk about every little detail, but instead keeps things vague and abstract all the while promoting his business. He even talks about going on Dragons Den, getting a deal but later backing out. So he basically admits to going on the tv show just for the promotion, exactly what he’s doing on the Shopify Masters podcast.

Has anyone else noticed this too?

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