Need advice on weight-based shipping!

hello! i am an ecommerce newbie hoping to launch a merch store for my online community. i'm using printful + squarespace and looking for a second pair of eyes on how i've set up shipping.

  • I've opted for weight-based ("dependent on weight") shipping because I have a range of items like posters, socks, joggers, hoodies, etc. that vary in price
  • I have an international audience so I want to make sure dif countries are set up accurately

First, i used this shipping rates table from Printful to determine the three different weight classes i would need:

  • 1 – posters
  • 2 – tshirts, hats, and socks
  • 3 – hoodies and joggers

Then, in Squarespace, I built out different shipping regions according to that same table (USA, Europe, EFTA, Canada, etc.).

I used an arbitrary weight (0.00 to 1.00) for the first weight class I established (posters), the next weight class (1.01 to 2.00) for the second weight class (tshirts, hats, and socks), and the third weight class (2.01 to 3.00) for the third weight class (hoodies and joggers). I went through this process for every region and every weight class using Printful's table.

Then, I applied these same "arbitrary" weights to every product in my store. (Sidenote: do i need to also use the dimension fields or can i just use the weight field?)

Now, I am adding additional weight classes into each region to make sure the shipping cost accurately increases when the user adds more items. It's at this point that I feel stuck, and feel like I'm just making guesses.

Here is an sample of what I have for US weight-based shipping:

Weight (lbs) Cost
0.00 – 1.00 $4.99 (USA shipping cost for posters via Printful)
1.01 – 2.00 $3.99 (USA shipping cost for tshirts, hats, socks via Printful)
2.01 – 3.00 $6.99 (USA shipping cost for hoodies and joggers via Printful)
3.01 – 9.00 (just a guess) $9.99 (just a guess)
9.01 – 15.00 (just a guess) $12.99 (just a guess)
15.01 – 21.00 (just a guess) $15.99 (just a guess)
21.01 – infinity $18.99 (just a guess)

Any help at all would be appreciated. I'm specifically wondering if the guesses I made when adding additional weight classes seem somewhat accurate and fair. My audience is super excited for the merch drop will be willing to pay for any associated costs. But I'm scared that my guesswork will result in me either over or under charging.

thank you ❤️

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