New role as Ecom Manager! Tips?

I'd like to start off with a little background about me and the company. I made it to my third year of computer science but I never graduated. During the time I was studying CS I had set up an ecommerce store for a small b2b wedding accessory company. I learned alot and eventually got burned out. I opened some stores of my own and they were able to keep afloat. I never made a lot of money, but just enough to keep me from getting a real job. My fiancé and I are expecting in February so I went online an started applying to different jobs while I left my fiance in charge of my current stores. A company in the cannabis industry( we manufacture glass water pipes and packaging) hired me as an ecom specialist. Which I was excited about because i'm a stoner.

My first week I trained under the manager but it was his last week there. I learned alot from him about the company and I was able to keep the boat afloat while they hired a manager. I was acting manager for 3 weeks and I was able to create custom functions for their website and workflows for the ERP/Shopify integration. I was constantly praised on my work even though I thought this type of work was not difficult at all. They were having a hard time finding people I guess.

They finally find a new manager and although they are talented they struggle to get their work out or ideas across. I found myself having to do their work on top of mine because they lacked in technical knowledge. I brought this up to HR and they told me they would work with me because at this point they cant afford to let me go. I negotiated a new wage(getting paid double ) and a higher position. In order to get this position I also made some promises like more traffic, lower bounce rate, quicker site speeds, higher revenue ect… They are a decent sized company who has been in the game for a while, but they have not found the right people to manage their ecommerce department. their website looks like its stuck in 2008. I want to do a good job so I'm here to get any tips from any other managers or store owners? I plan on updating the layout by A/B testing multiple layouts. The main KPIs I look at are bounce rate, new user vs returning, and average size of orders. We do Klavyio and pushowl campaigns twice a week. Since we are in the cannabis industry we cant really do paid advertising on social media so I focus more on generating organic traffic.

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