What is the best strategy to generate first 100 sales for new e-commerce business?

Hello! I am looking for some advice. I recently started a new dog supply e-commerce business that takes a portion of the profits and donates them towards the training of service dogs for veterans. I've created 4 branded products and have inventory of them. I have also have a finished website, but I am feeling a bit stuck on what route to go next. I have some funds set aside for marketing, but I do not know what route to go to use those funds. I have been running some facebook ads, but I feel like the CPM is really high for the amount of visitors I get in a day. I am really trying to start generating some sales to be able to invest more in the business. There are a lot of routes I have looked at. I've thought about hitting content marketing really hard, facebook ads, SEO, Instagram, Google ads. Unfortunately, I just have a basic understanding of each of these and no way I have time to master all of these. Like I said I have some money set aside for marketing, but wanted to get some feedback.

If you were starting a new e-commerce business what strategy would you pursue to start generating traffic to your store and get your first 100 sales?

I appreciate any feedback or thoughts. I really want to take this business to the next level.

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