Advice on design and shop layout for food ingredient store

Hey all, some advice would be really appreciated. I'm putting together a bake mix venture and I've hit a serious mental block at the e-commerce design stage. So I will be selling mixed to your order bake mixes (breads, cakes etc.).

I will initially have around 12 different products across 3 categories. Visually in their raw (as sold) state we are basically talking small piles of flour that all look the same, so not great product pictures. Obviously the main site can have so good visuals of the finished products, but still I'm struggling to put it all together in my head where I could create something modern, really professional and a recognisable brand.

Given what I have described, how would you guys build the e-commerce site? What would you do for product images? Any links to any food/ingredient based sites you think I should draw some inspiration from? So far the best I can picture in my head is the site to have a background of all the products I will be selling in simple black on white vector icon form like a big collage, some good stock images of different baked goods up top, 3 boxes with headings for each of the categories that then take you to that section of the shop page, then for product images have some mockups done of packaging???

I like clean and simple. I was wondering if I could get away with just 3 product sections and then you use a drop down box to choose which bake mix you want to add to basket? But I guess I should give each their own section with a puff piece on each. I plan to use WordPress with WooCommerce.

My mind is totally open to suggestions. These are some really great products, sucks to have my dull no design taste whatsoever brain lol.

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