Shopify Payments currency conversion fees

Hi, I've got question about currency conversions.

So I'm based in Australia and I sell to US only, meaning that I process my orders in USD. I use Shopify Payments, and their fees for international payments are 2.9% + 30ยข AUD, which is a lot. Plus extra % for converting the currency. It doesn't really get lower if I were to upgrade the plan.

So currently Shopify Payments pay the funds to my Australian business bank account in AUD, and from there on I transfer it to Wise (formerly Transferwise) onto my USD account. I use that USD account to pay for ads and to pay my supplier.

That's a lot of unnecessary currency conversions.

How are you dealing with this issue? Should I use other payment providers don't require currency conversions? I'm currently doing ~$25k USD p/m.

Any advice is much appreciated!

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