Advice on which website to display my new clothing brand…

What’s up everybody? I recently started a clothing brand back in April. I’ve been selling T-shirts and hoodies off Instagram and locally to people who live around me. I am just now starting to sell to random individuals whom I do not know. In other words, my business is slowly starting to grow. I know that I’ve been wanting to start a website for my clothing brand, but I have not had time due to football season. I play football at Stephen F Austin State University and we just got done with our season. In this discussion post, I’m open to any advice on which websites I should create my clothing brands website on, how I should go about it, and some of the best ways to market my clothing brand online. Also I also want to stop holding my inventory and connect with a manufacturer/supplier who can ship items bought off of the website directly to customers. This is one of my biggest concerns. If you are knowledgeable of this process or know where I can learn more please let me know something. Any comments, advice, or conversation is highly appreciated. Thanks!

The brand is @godpoweredclothing on Instagram just in case you wanna check it out.

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