Tracking/Reporting Filter Usage On Product List

Hi there,

Looking for help setting up the ability to track customers using filters from the product list page of our ecommerce website.

My initial thought is to trigger a custom event whenever a user clicks to apply a filter, and this would pass back Event Category (ex: filter), Event Action (ex: filter set), and Event Label (ex: size small).

The main area I’m running into a problem would be when a customer can apply 2 filters at the same time. For example, if I were looking to buy Levi’s jeans I can filter to only show me jeans that are black or blue. But from an event tracking point of view, how would this appear in Google Analytics for Event Label dimension? “Black + Blue” in the report would be confusing as it would be on a separate reporting line than simply “Black” or “Blue”.

Anyone have any ideas for setting up tracking product list filters when customers can apply multiple filters at the same time?

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