Ecommerce Website Upgrade / Move off of shopify?

I own an ecommerce company and I'm looking for a serious upgrade on my website. Normally I shy away from agency's, but I really want a high-end website and feel like freelancer's won't be able to deliver the same sort of quality an agency will in this case.

  1. Any recommendations? I'm only looking for the best of the best.
  2. It seems like everything is built on wordpress or other sites. I'm on shopify and really love how easy it is for me to do everything without needing assistance from any developers. Is it possible to stay on shopify, or do I just need to switch to get a high end website? Secondly, will it be more difficult workflow if I switch? This worries me a lot
  3. Any cool websites yall have seen recently? link below, would love to compile a list of inspiration sites I can make notes on. I don't even know what I want which makes this process even more difficult

btw, if you're going to pitch your own company, simply link 2-3 websites you think will wow me, the work should speak for itself

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