I recently watched a Youtube video on “What types of video can you run in a Facebook ad?”. Thought I would share with the group and see what works for everyone.

What types of video can you run in a Facebook ad?

User generated content (UGC) video ads are the ones that are always great. Everyone loves UGC because it doesn't look like an ad. Instead, it looks like someone's just posting it to share with their friend and these video ads tend to convert really high due to the nature of the ad which seems to look like conversation and native to your consumer feed.

Video of a UGC ad ->

Educational video about the product is another common type of Facebook ad that works well. The video shows a step-by-step process of how to use the product followed by highlighting how many consumers are using it and how many five-star reviews have been garnered by the customer. Combine it with a bit of UGC to provide validation of the product and show how multiple people are already using it.

Video of an Educational ad ->

PR reviews: The third ad format which works best to catch people's attention is PR reviews that are super easy to understand. It works as it validates the brand from these PR reviews as people love and they know they can trust PR reviews and articles. Similar to the advertisement below with the Forbes article just adding those little tiny gifs makes it more eye-catching so the best combination is adding motion with PR reviews.

Image of a PR review with motion ad ->

Native ad format so what I mean by that is using the native Instagram story text to type the words on top of using polls or gifs so you can literally make these with stills. Once you upload you still then write out the text adding with some gifs running it as an advertisement. This native type format works really well in Facebook whether it's utilizing UGC or just a still with the native text over it’s just so easy to do like a slam dunk in terms of winning content because it doesn't look like an ad which makes it very clear what the sold item looks like by making it native to the overall Facebook feed.

Image of a native ad format ->

You don't have to tell your entire brand story with your ad creatives in three seconds; it's nearly impossible. You just have to get consumer’s attention within the first three seconds and engage with them enough to get them to click the website then once they're on the website use the website to explain the product benefits and really sell them but you don't have to do all the selling in the first three seconds of the ad it's about just making it short and sweet to grab attention and get them to the website.

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