Searching for help understanding Tiktok ads and why im running into a wall constantly. Doing business in Denmark

Hi!I run a site with 2 products. One in the lower price of ca. 30 usd and medium around 90 usd.

I use custom content, based on tiktok influencers with +100k followers, UGC and such.

I'm in the early ages and have had a few sales, but it seems i either don't have enough ice in my stomach or what ever might be wrong, so i'm searching for help here.

I've really done a great job at making the site look clean and trustworthy + having 1-2 days shipping time, shipping locally and selling products that really not alot are selling in Denmark.

The first ad set i created early this week made 3 sales the first day 1, in the morning and then just stalled. I tried to create a new ad set but it made no add to cart really.

My conversion is add to cart but since i have like 200-300 customers visit my site and only like 1-2 add to cart each day, i will never reach that 50 conversions Tiktok ask for to be out of the learning fase. So i usually stop the ad set after 2 days if i dont see it have like 5+ add to cart each day, since the minimum budget for 1 ad set in denmark is 30 usd, which is quite a lot for me at this stage.

So my question is…. How do i handle this situation?

Should i try to just run the ad set even though it doesnt get any add to cart and just trust the algoritme will find its way?

Please let me know if there is any information you're needing from me. I really need some help here.

What ratio of impressions / clicks / conversions do you usually run with? When do you stop and realise the ad set is not going to performe?

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