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Hi everyone,

I have a product idea I want to validate: a folding gaming chair.

A little context on my idea: I live in a small condo, and my sofa is far from my TV. So if I want to fully enjoy playing on my PS5, I need to bring a kitchen chair in front of my TV, and it's not very comfortable. This led me to an idea: A folding gaming chair that would be comfortable for gaming, robust and foldable. Oh, it needs to have a cup holder for my beer (and a wine glass holder). Finally, I can easily fold it and store it, so it is not annoying for my wife and baby when I'm done gaming.

I already have sketches of my chair and a manufacturer ready to work with me.

Now, my idea is to create a landing page where I would show the prototype of my product to gather feedback to see if there is demand. At the same time, I would use that process to collect emails and potentially traction for my launch.

My question: What do you guys think is the best platform to create a landing page to validate a product and gather emails? Should I start right away on Shopify and create a pre-launch landing page? Or should I use another platform and later merge to Shopify to sell my product?

Also, do you guys have any examples of good product validation landing pages?

I am open to any suggestions or tips!


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