How to Offer Free Shipping and a Local Pick Up Discount?

Hello! Researched this for an hour+ on reddit/google but haven't found much.

We currently have a free shipping Ecom model. The actual cost to ship our products ranges from $30-$300+ with the average ground order being $60 and average LTL Freight for $200.

We will have two warehouses in two larger east/west coast areas and are trying to figure out how to be very competitive for those millions of local customers, without putting it in everyone's face that there is X $ for 'built-in shipping'.

A flat discount doesn't work, since the amount it costs to ship vs total amount of product varies quite a bit. So a discount code of "LOCAL" that gives you 10% would make some items competitive and others still not.

We generally do not want to move back to a non-free ship model.

We don't want a completely separate shopping experience or a 'come to our store to find out our prices/inventory' situation. We do like offering the seamless 'buy online and pick up in store' experience.

Any ideas / suggestions? Open to any and all ideas! Even the big box stores that offer free shipping haven't figured out a great way to work this. Competitors in our industry have a mix of free or paid shipping models.


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