Considerations for E-Commerce Shipping Rates Integrations

This is mostly aimed at other web developers, but anyone with ideas is welcome to comment.

For E-Commerce platforms, what APIs do you guys use for calculating shipping rates? I'm building an e-commerce site for a print shop and they have products of various sizes and weights so I'm looking for something that can seamlessly calculate shipping for such products. Additionally, they outsource some jobs to a larger print company so they are not able to provide a direct price for such jobs, much less the cost to ship either to the shop or to the customer directly, so in such cases, how would you handle such a situation in which you can't directly provide a price? I was thinking maybe if a product is selected (or particular production options), instead of giving the direct price and providing the checkout option, it would turn into a workflow where a quote is requested and a price is given back via an automated email within the hour or next business day if after hours, but wanted to see what you guys have used in such cases.

I'm using Strapi as the CMS and Gridsome as the static site generator (for the website's interface).

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