Anybody Just Started Receiving USPS Postage Adjustment Notices?

We have been shipping via USPS Click-N-Ship for 19 years. We are extremely careful on weighing our packages and always round up to the next pound. Only once in the past 19 years have we had a postage error. All of a sudden, last week we received several emails at the same time for postage due on packages that we shipped. Then today, when I logged on to the Click-N-Ship page, there were more charges – that we never even received an email notice for.

There are several issues with these notices.

First, they don't tell us why there is postage due.

Secondly, the postage due on all of the packages is exactly $1.00. This is for some packages that were shipped to the same zone as us, and some that are 7 zones away.

Third, these notices apply to regular packages and flat rate packages. Several of the items were small flat rate boxes that were all a single pound, but the weight doesn't even matter on a flat rate package. What possible reason could there be for a small flat rate item that is a single pound and fits just fine in the box have for postage due – and why exactly $1?

Lastly, all of these notices are for packages that were shipped almost 3 years ago, in 2019. How in the world can they now be sending us notices for something that isn't even in their tracking system any more?

So I am wondering if some error has taken place in their system. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Last week when I received the notices, there was a link to "dispute" the charges, but it lead to a dead page on the USPS server. I then sent an email to the one listed in the notice and just last night received an "automate reply" saying they were overly busy due to Covid to respond. In the meantime, I have been forced to pay the fees because they won't let me check out any further shipping labels without paying the fees first. If this was done by any other company, it would appear to be a scam.

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