E-commerce side hustle – $25k – $50k to invest and start…

I’ve been an entrepreneur in the contracting space (we sell LED lighting projects to manufacturing facilities) now for 10 years and am looking for a change. E-commerce seems like a great space to start small, scale and eventually sell. I have money to invest ($25k -$50k) and may purchase a small company or start from scratch.

In the past, when starting a new venture, I’ve always researched by listening to podcasts and hired a coach when I actually start the business.

Wondering if:

  1. If you were just getting started and had $25k -$50k to invest in an e-commerce business, what would you do?
  2. Are there any podcast you’ve found useful, particularly as someone new to the industry?
  3. Does anyone have experience or know of resources for hiring coaches in this space?

Any info or advice would be helpful!

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