Billo vs Adsellr for UGC video ads?

So we have been using UGC video ads for a while now, but it's a massive hassle for us to actually get our customers to actually record advertising-worthy product review videos for us.

At one point We realized that it would be more resourceful to just outsource them from someone who provides UGC video ads service.

I looked around and it seems like the general consensus is between Billo and Adsellr. I'm pretty keen on pulling the trigger and placing an order with adsellr right now. I talked with their customer support and they explained the entire process to me which seemed a lot easier than Billo. I've also seen them a lot on tiktok.

I've placed an order with Billo a few years ago but but after waiting 50+ days they ended up losing my product. I checked DHL tracking, so I know it was delivered to their creator. I never got a response from Billo either.

Does anyone here by any chance have experience with these guys? Who do you use for UGC video ads?

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