Suppliers and poor communication.

I’m going to sell a physical product that is made to order, i.e. customers place orders and then the product gets manufactured and sent to them. I’ve found a factory in my country that can make exactly what I want made to order and they’re keen to work together. So basically they are going to produce the product, and I sell/market the product and do customer service.

I’ve already visited their factory and got a tour. They make quality products and have big clients. And there not a lot of other factories in my country like them. Apart from a few small details, we’ve fleshed everything out and agreed on a price.

But the 1 thing I’m concerned about is the poor communication. Since our first talks it takes them forever to get back to me and there is never a sense of urgency from their side.

Once I start selling, this could turn into a problem. For instance, if a customer gets a defective product and I need to communicate quick with the factory to resolve the issue, I can’t have them take a week to get back to me while a customer is waiting…

It’s also strange they have such big clients but such poor communication… (or am I getting that kind of treatment because I’m a little guy to them?)


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