Shopify 24/7 chat bot (survey)

Hey, we are an Austrian software company trying to make online shops more profitable and efficient with Shopify Apps. Please take the time and help us building an app that really helps you. Our current project is a 24/7 live sales chat, which can be easily integrated into Shopify. This will look similar to the chats that already exist with one major difference: If you are not available at the moment (sleeping, working, meeting,…) another person will answer for you. Therefore, it is of course important that the other person who answers for you knows how your product works, the delivery times etc (all the usual questions that are usually asked in the chat). To do this, you have to enter information about your company and your product on our website, which we are currently developing (quite simply: all the important questions are asked and you answer them with short keywords or multiple choice). The people who answer for you are trained by us and we guarantee that someone is available 24/7 to answer the questions in the chat. If you want to reply to chats yourself, it's very easy: you just have to confirm in the app that you want to accept requests, then you can easily reply from your mobile phone or computer. When you don’t have time to answer, you just have to tell the app that you don’t want to answer yourself and our sales staff will answer the requests. Of course, our chat will answer in all common languages. If there are questions that our staff cannot answer, they will refer the customer to you and you will respond when you have time. Studies show that having a chat on your website can increase revenue by up to 40 percent, so being available 24/7 is important. This is very easy with our app. So that we can adapt the app to you and your needs as well as possible, it is important that you fill out the online questionnaire (we do not want any personal data from you and it only takes 2 minutes). Together we will make your online shop more profitable!


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