Ecom Start-up looking for Advice

About me

  1. Computer Science Engineer, understand coding BUT DONT DO IT.
  2. Currently in successful corporate job in BIG 4 as IT consultant. Solution/process designing, automations, IOT etc is what I do. Non Coding side of it.
  3. Have an idea I believe in since a long time. Got time and money to invest. Its an ecommerce (have much more to it, but in short ill be selling stuff)

Where I need your help

  1. Where to begin ? What is the first step? What books should I read ? (I read 2-3 books/month) or any Udemy course.
  2. I dont want to learn coding at this stage, Services like Shopify are good ? I do not want to hire a coder also at this early stage.
  3. My gut is to not invest a lot of money at current/early stages. I know that I have to pivot as all I have is an idea. So, do you have a number (ballpark) about investing in your ecom start-up.

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