I feel like its impossible to get a positive ROI

Hi, Ive ordered 100 units of inventory which is about 1600 euros, But I see my profit is only 500 euros for that inventory, that means im only able to buy less.. and less inventory with this profit.

Im doing Amazon FBA in Germany and with it comes lots of fees, also shipping costs are very high (rails are even higher than air, im using air which is 10$ per KG) and also having to mark up the price by 19% to pay that to German taxes.. feels like its nearly impossible to make a positive ROI. Lets say the price is 32 euros (excluding the 19%) i would only profit 5 euros due to all the costs. Cant raise the price, its tricky due to competition.

I calculated in the amazon calculator that my profit margin would be around 20% though.

I already ordered my inventory, cant turn anything around. I just have to deal with the pain for now and choose a different product next time probably or different country/region to ship from.

Anyone had this situation? Maybe im doing something wrong?

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