Marketing For Your Ecommerce Site

If you would like to invest into marketing your product or service with paid advertisements (Google Ads), I would be more than happy to setup and run your ads free of charge for your business to get practice for myself in return.

My name is Malhar, I'm a college student from NY and I've spent the past few years working as a Social Media Marketer for various departments at my university. I've also spent the last months learning how to run google ads through google's own certification course and other resources such as Hubspot Academy. I am now confident in my knowledge yet that's not worth much without practice, and I sadly don't have a product myself. Therefore I am reaching out in this community to see if someone would be interested.

It would help me develop my portfolio while costing nothing extra to your business. Please reach out to me or leave a comment if you want to further discuss this matter. Thanks you for reading through this, and I wish your businesses best of luck 🙂

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