(Amazon) How is reselling versus private label in terms of long term profitability?

Hi, I'm a beginner and yet to sell my first unit, but I'm slowly learning the basics. This is my understanding of reseller and private label.

Have to fight for buy box, but don't need to create product page or build reviews

Private Label:
only you will be able to sell your brand, but you have to create your own product page, research keywords, buy ads, and start at 0 reviews.

I'm honestly not sure what's more profitable. With reselling you'll save a lot of time and money with not having to brand or market, but I'm not sure how many sales you can actually get when you have to share the buy box and how hard it is to win the buy box. Private label seems a lot more risky because you have a much higher MOQ and you have no reviews.

Can anyone with experience comment? Thank you

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