Guide to influencer marketing from finding to negotiating

Hi all,

As the title states, I'll share some tips on how to craft a good influencer campaign that gives you a great ROI on your spending.

A little background- I have been working as a freelancer for the last 4 years. For the last 2 years, I have mainly focussed on running influencer campaigns for small to medium e-com businesses. I have worked in several niches, contacted over 2k+ influencers, and have partnered with 100+ of these influencers.

I will try to make it as compact as possible and I hope it will give you a blueprint on how you can leverage this medium of marketing.

Any influencer campaigns have 3 parts-

  1. Identifying

  2. Contacting

  3. Negotiating

If you do all these 3 diligently then it would reward you with more sales and dollars. Let's take it one by one.

  1. Identifying- Before you start looking for influencers, you should make a customer persona. For example- Let's say you are a beauty brand and you target women between the age group 20-40 and sell only in the US. Here's what your customer persona looks like- Gender- Female, Demographics- USA, Age group- 20-40.

Now it will make sense to find influencers whose majority of followers meet these criteria. This will yield you a much better ROI than any general beauty influencers.

What I do is use a tool to research the influencer's followers before adding them to my contact list. If you are not comfortable in paying for a tool, you can add the influencers to the contact list and then ask for screenshots of their demographics, age groups, gender ratio, etc. If they are interested, they will happily share with you all of this info.

You also need to check the engagement rate of each of these influencers. I would recommend looking for at least 4% engagement. There are many free tools to check engagement rates. A simple Google search would give you the result.

  1. Contacting- When I was starting out, getting responses was quite difficult. I knew something was wrong but it took some time to figure this out. The email has to be clear and short and ALWAYS use a business email. Create at least 3-4 follow-ups. I would say a 30-40% response rate is good for any particular campaign.

I have seen bad emails where they make it a thousand words long and include everything from how great their product is, the raving fans they have, and also attach an agreement on the first email.

Make your email short and only include the important details. Remember, you are starting a conversation and not making a deal. Here's how I usually write my first email-


This is (XYZ) from (your brand name). We are interested in doing a paid collaboration on (IG/YT/Tiktok). I saw your handle/channel and believe our product will be a good fit for your audience.

Here are the details-

Website- xyzdotcom

Type of promotion- 1 feed post + 3 stories

Promotion date- 7-10 days

Content- Video content of 30-60 sec.

If you are interested pls let me know the rates that you would charge and the screenshots of your analytics. And what would be your preferred payment mode?

And construct at least 3 follow-ups after this email.

  1. Negotiating- By this time, you have their rates and analytics. Compare each of these influencers and proceed with the ones with the most relevant audience and the best rates.

Once you have finalized the influencers, it's time to make a counteroffer. Now, there is no rule of thumb here. You have to decide what would be a reasonable rate for the promotion. Negotiate too low and you will risk not getting any responses after that.

I usually do this- If the influencer asks for $200 then I would ask for $125-$140. If $500 I would go for $350. If they are solid on their price, you might want to increase the deliverables, how about we do 5 stories instead of 3 or you get me a link in bio for 7 days. Use your logic and make the deal.

If you have a small budget and want to get the best out of it, try to go with 3-4 micro-influencers instead of one. Partnering with four influencers with 25k followers is better than one 100k influencer. It would cost a bit more but you will also gain more exposure.

Now, I know it's a tiresome process but well worth it and if you do it right then influencer marketing can be your best medium for more sales and creating awareness.

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