What niches have buying power for a Facebook Agency and Google Advertising besides the small businesses like Realtors, galleries and other small businesses?

After emailing to

-1000 Emails to Realtors, got 1 client for only one month with free Appraisals… and 3 of them are letting m e wait, because they are not closes…

– 1000 to galleries, closed 3 for a new ecommerce Shop. Are letting them doing with a white label company…

Now I am considering a solid niche where the majority are not just breathing to just survive and pay the rent etc..

My thoughts are Electrical companies because I have a bit background but not much interest in it. or other Contemporary Art relelatet companies like auction houses, but the majority of them are located outside my country (I live in AUSTRIA and know that its much harder to get clients even GERMANY)

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