Advice: how to find a purchaser or partner

I started up an FBA business last year selling a practical product for parents, it features a unique pattern that I designed. I have sold 800 units at about $20 a piece and have made modest profit.

I have sorted out the manufacturing, shipping, freight forwarding, FBA and FBM aspects of the product. I also have a website and social media presence. It is run through a Ltd company in the UK.

I'm low on time at the moment due to young family but I believe that with a bit of tweaking, product development (which I have started) and better marketing it could be very profitable. I also only sell to the UK so there's a whole world out there to expand into.

I'm just wondering what you guys would do? I'm thinking about closing it down but I have spent quite a bit of time on it so I'm reluctant. Is there a particular way or a place to find someone to take it over, TBH at this stage I would be happy to be a silent(ish!) partner.

Any advice appreciated!

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