Advice on Moving to eCommerce

Hello everyone,

I currently run a blog and I guess you could say "content creator" on social media. I love blogging but I am looking for a way to increase my monetization opportunities. One of these ways I am thinking is introducing eCommerce to my blog site and selling products that are within my niche.

One of the main issues that I am running into is that since I am a content creator, I am currently sponsored by a few brands and may be adding more in the near future. What I am worried about is this: if I open an online storefront and am selling products (that might be competitors to my sponsors) could this completely ruin my chances with current and future sponsors? Without giving too much information, my niche is a very specific part of vehicle modifications. Since I am currently building a vehicle based around my blog, is it possible to still possible to get sponsors for just the vehicle and not the blog or should I rule out eCommerce totally?

Sorry if this may not be the correct place to post! Thank you!

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